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About Soda/Lime

We are a collaborative, a group of driven creatives, travellers, adventurers and Swedish natives. When reaching out to the world with your mission together we connect with our artistic vision. Creating beautiful content is our passion through our lenses, that’s todays fashion. We film, we photograph and we can tell a good story. We are ready to tell yours, in all its glory. We are a mobile crew with top quality equipment To create something unique for you is our goal and commitment. We enhance all the beautiful things from your demand Always ready to get the “money shot” for your brand. Now its time for the classic “call to action” Pick up the phone, and claim your satisfaction.

The Reel from Soda/Lime.

The Staff

We work at Soda/Lime.

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    Linus Eliasson


    He found his passion for filming during his travels and just love beautiful environments #sunsetlover. Is a true advocate of combining work and play – the “good life” shouldn’t be confined just to holidays. This principle is essential in our collaborative. Surfer.

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    Tomas Pettersson


    Tomas is the nerd of the bunch. Passionate about film and innovation he is always on the lookout for ways to incorporate new technology. He was just about to jump head first into management consulting when he decided to swan dive into his passion instead. Snow or water, bring a board.

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    Daniel Rönnbäck


    What started on the slopes with a Polaroid camera became a career filled with speed and excitement. The passion to capture the drama 6000 feet above sea level was the spark to form his vision he brings to our journeys. Don’t challenge him off-piste.

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    Oliver Oftedal


    A natural born movie lover. Leads our productions and makes sure our clients and creatives are happy, whether it means stopping train traffic or making dolphins try another take. Often switch Sweden for California during wintertime and joined Soda/Lime to learn extreme sports.


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