X Design Sweden

Photo work for X Design Sweden, a swedish Jewelry High fashion brand with modern style, Traditional and cutting edge design brand. International and cultural awareness. Mission to capture the different styles of the brand that X Design Sweden embodies. Phantom, Fresco and Nirvana. Photo work by photographer: Daniel Rönnbäck

September 17, 2015

  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_007
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_006
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_005
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_004
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_003
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_002
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_001
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_008
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_009
  • sodalime_xdesinsweden_danielronnback_010

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